Motor Vehicle Insurance

Protect your vehicles against losses resulting from accidents

Motor Vehicle Insurance provides a full range of protection features that keep up with your needs.
This plan covers not only your car, but anyone who is traveling with you.
Now, you can enjoy your ride knowing you’re fully protected.
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Loss or Damage to vehicle

Coverage for loss or damage to own vehicle due to accident, fire, and/or lightning (up to the maximum amount of total coverage)

Windscreen Coverage

Coverage for windscreen up to MMK 3 Million in case of damage or loss

Death and Injury Benefits

Coverage for death and disability up to MMK 3 Million and payout according to scale of injury prescribed

Liabilities for Third Parties

Compensation liability for another person’s death, bodily injury, property loss and damage (up to MMK 50 Million maximum coverage amount)

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The following additional coverages can be enjoyed with additional premium ratings.

Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion

Coverage for loss or damage due to strike or riot and/or civil commotions

War Risk

Coverage for loss or damage due to events such as war, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power or by any other fighting acts

Nil Excess

Coverage for any excess charges in case of damage or loss due to accidents


Coverage for loss or damage to vehicle due to theft

Additional Excess

Coverage to enjoy premium discount by contributing additional excess charges

Additional Excess Amount Premium Discount
MMK 200,000 MMK 25,000
MMK 300,000 MMK 35,000
MMK 500,000 MMK 60,000
Acts of God

Coverage for loss or damage due to flood, windstorm, typhoon, hurricane, tempest, volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide, landslip or subsidence or any other convulsion of nature


Coverage for repairing or replacing the damaged parts of vehicle with better parts

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Benefits such as emergency towing cost, fleet discount, legal expenses and no claim bonus can be enjoyed as follows.

Emergency Towing Assistance

Emergency towing services following an accident and coverage up to MMK 300,000

Fleet Discount

Up to 10% of fleet discount will be offered under the insured’s name

Legal Expenses

Coverage for legal expenses in the event of motor prosecution up to MMK 500,000

24-Hour Emergency Claim Service

Contact for services from our 24/7 support team in the event of any arising emergency and/or claim

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

No Claim Bonus up to 40% if claims are not being made 3 years and above

Period Second Year Third Year Fourth Year and above
Private Vehicle 25% 30% 40%
Commercial Vehicle 15% 20% 25%
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Maximum policy term 1 year (renewable on a yearly basis)

Minimum policy term up to 3, 6, and 9 months are applicable

Sum Insured (Car Value)

Market value of the vehicle

Premium Rating

0.9% to 2.5% on sum insured (Car value)
Subject to :

  • Value of the car
  • Use of the car
  • Engine C.C
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Any legally registered motor vehicles, or fleets of vehicles, of private or public use

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What documents are needed for Motor Vehicle Insurance?

  • Completed Proposal Form
  • Complete Checklist Items Submission
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (Wheel Tax) or IP/ID Document or Initial RTA registration IP/ID Document
  • Driving License
  • Owner Book
  • Sale Contract/Invoice
  • Car Photos
  • Do all insurance companies charge the same premium?

    Motor Vehicle Insurance is tariff rated i.e., the premium for that cover is being computed based on a formula determined by the insurance authority. This means that all insurance companies are charging the same basic premium for the same cover.

    What is an excess and can you illustrate an example of its application?

    An excess is the amount the Insured will have to bear before the insurance company will pay for each and every claim made. For example, if the claim amount is 160,000 MMK and the excess stated on the policy is 100,000 MMK, the amount payable to the Insured will be 60,000 MMK .

    What is No Claim Bonus (NCB) entitlement?

    NCB entitlement is a discount allowed to the Insured in accordance with a scale determined by the authority, a certain percentage off the basic premium if no claim is made or intimated under the insured's policy and also provided the vehicle is insured continuously for a period of 12 months with the same insurer.

    How much should I insure my car?

    You should insure your car on its market value. You can seek local car dealers or showrooms to determine the value of your car.

    Can I transfer my NCB entitlement from one car to another and from another insurance company?

    Yes, if the cars are registered in your name, the transfer of NCB earned can be allowed but always bear in mind that you can only enjoy the next level of NCB if your car is insured with the same insurer continuously for a period of 12 months and provided there is no claim made or intimated under your policy in each of the above instances. (Note: You cannot use the same NCB earned to more than one car. NCB is on earned basis by each car upon completion of the continuous 12 months period of insurance with the same insurer. You can transfer your NCB to any car registered in your name as explained above.)

    What should I do if I want to change my car?

    You should contact AYA SOMPO Customer Service – 09 777 100 555 or respective sale staffs for changing a vehicle. You would need to fill in the endorsement form and provide the required documents for your new vehicle. The refund or additional premium will be charged depending on your new SI. 

    What should I do if I want to cancel my policy?

    You should contact AYA SOMPO Customer Service – 09 777 100 555 or respective sale staffs for cancellation process. You would need to fill in the cancellation form. The premium will be refunded depending on the remaining insurance period.

    What is Betterment?

    If new original parts are used to repair your vehicle and your vehicle results in a better condition than it was before the damage, you would be required to contribute to its betterment, a proportion of the costs of such new original parts. If No Betterment additional cover is purchased by additional premium, the costs of such new original parts will be contributed only by the insurer.

    What is Additional Excess?

    Coverage to enjoy premium discount by contributing additional excess amount at the time of claim happens.

    Digital Services

    Easy for you to access your insurance policy via our digital platform

    Key benefits

    Wide Coverages

    Motor Vehicle Insurance offers additional coverages such as Windscreen, SRCC (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion), Acts of God (Flood, Windstorm, Earthquake and etc), War Risks, and Theft. Some of these coverages are included in the compulsory plan while some are optional add-ons that come with an additional premium. We let you choose various options and benefits to design a plan suited to your specific needs.

    Hassle-free Claims

    Considering potential accidents that may occur and damage your vehicle, our policy can come in handy as it will significantly lower the costs incurred on repairing your vehicle or replacing its parts. Fast and reliable claims give you a sense of calm to focus on your recovery.

    Door to Door Service

    The safety of our customers will always be our first priority. We are committed to provide the most secure and convenient services to fulfill the needs of our customers. With our door to door service, you will experience a more streamlined approach.

    Not sure what you need?

    Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your needs.

    Not sure what you need?

    Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your needs.