Inland Transit Insurance

Protect from unexcepted loss of goods during transportation within the country

To protect from unexpected loss of goods during transportation within Myanmar.
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Fire & Explosion

Coverage loss or damage caused by Fire or Explosion

Collision with external object
Coverage for collision or contact of vessel craft or conveyance with any external object other than water
Overturning & Derailment
Coverage for overturning or derailment of land conveyance
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Below illustration shows how Inland Transit Insurance provides coverage during ordinary course of transit on route.
Note: Loss or damage due to loading or unloading of cargo is not covered during the voyage.
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Any person who owns a property or who has a legal obligation over safety of a property e.g., Owners of goods traded, Business owners, Manufacturers and Distributors, etc.
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Premium Rating

Calculated based on sum insured (cargo value)

Subject to:

  • Type of Cargo 
  • Type of Voyage 

Policy Term

Coverage is applicable for single voyage

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What documents are needed to insure in Inland Transit Insurance?

  • Completed Proposal form
  • Complete Checklist Items Submission
  • Copy of Company Registration & Dominant Shareholder Information (For Company)
  • Invoice/ Bill of Landing/Commercial Invoice/Evidence of Ownership
  • Registration License
  • Transportation License
  • Driving License
  • What types of cargo can be insured?

    General Cargo, Dangerous Cargo (Diesel, Petro, Gas ..etc), Fragile Cargo

    How long is the policy period?

    The inland transit insurance policy covers for only Single Voyage (One Trip). Insurance covers the period between the start of the checkout and the departure point. (exclude loss or damage incurred while cargo loading/unloading)

    What should I do if there is any changes before departure date?

    You should contact AYA SOMPO Customer Service – 09 777 100 555 or respective sale staffs for any changes. You would need to fill in the endorsement form and provide required documents.

    Digital Services

    Easy for you to access your insurance policy via our digital platform

    Key Benefits

    Short-term Policies

    Inland Transit Insurance policy period is only for single voyage. Policy coverage starts from date of departure port to date of arrival at destination port. (Exclude loss or damage incurred while cargo loading/unloading).

    24/7 Claim Services

    Timesaving and convenient claims speed up the process faster and smoother. At AYA SOMPO Insurance, we are always here to providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind while we resolve your claim. Please contact us any time of the day or night 24/7 at 09-777 100 999. You can also request help online by sending us photos of the damage from your mobile device.

    Door to Door Service

    Safety of our customers will always be our first priority.We are now committed to provide the most secured and convenient services to fulfill the needs of our customers. With our door to door service, you will experience a more streamlined experience.

    Not sure what you need?

    Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your needs.

    Not sure what you need?

    Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your needs.