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Accidents while traveling around the world; Bodily injury; Provides protection for the disabled. AYA Joy Travel Insurance also reimburses expenses incurred during travel incidents. 
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Accidental Death

Coverage for Accidental Death up to MMK 10,000,000

Personal Liability
Indemnify up to MMK 100,000,000 for legal liability to third party due to your negligence
Medical, Hospital & Other Expenses
Coverage for medical, hospital and other expenses up to MMK 100,000,000
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Hospital Allowance

Total coverage amount for hospital allowance is up to MMK 3,000,000 with MMK 100,000 (Per Day)

Baggage Delay

MMK 50,000 for every 6 full consecutive hours if your check-in baggage is delayed upon arrival at the scheduled destination abroad

Flight Delay

MMK 50,000 for every 6 full consecutive hours delay and MMK 70,000 for every 6 full consecutive hours thereafter

Loss to baggage and Personal Effects

Maximum MMK 200,000 any one article or pair or set of articles

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Aged below 70 years old and must be a Myanmar citizen, Myanmar Permanent Resident, or otherwise legally employed in Myanmar and/or their Spouse and Children.


Aged between 30 days and 18 years old, or up to 23 years old if studying full-time in a recognized institution.

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Premium Rating 

Policy Term​
From a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 31 consecutive days​.

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1. Pre-existing Medical Conditions
2. Suicide or attempted suicide, intentional self-injury
3. By the effect or influence of alcohol or drugs
4. Directly or indirectly by AIDS or ARC and HIV related diseases
5. Pregnancy, childbirth (including surgical delivery), abortion, miscarriage and its related complications except miscarriage due to bodily injury as a direct result of an Accident.
6. Travelling on, or against medical advice
7. For the purpose of obtaining treatment and medical check-up.
8. Physiological or psychosomatic disorders.
9. Engaging in sports or games in a professional capacity
10. Dangerous and adventure activities eg. racing, motor rallies and competitions, mountaineering, rock climbing, and hiking/trekking, pot-holing, parachuting, sky diving, high diving and hot air balloon.
11. Related to any illegal activities.
12. Loss or damage to hired or leased equipment; testing of any kind of conveyance.
13. Employment on oversea in connection with any trade, employment or profession.
14. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, strike, riot or civil commotion, terrorist
15. Ionizing radiations or contamination by radioactivity, nuclear component
16. Consequential loss or damage of any kind

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What is the Period of Cover?

Duration of cover ranges from 1 day to a maximum of 31 consecutive days.

When does the period of insurance start?

Period of insurance starts when you leave your home or starting point of journey in your Home Territory (provided the cover does not commence more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time or cease more than 24 hours after the scheduled arrival at your Home Territory) to the time you return to your Home Territory or the expiry of the Period of Insurance, whichever is earlier.

What is the premium payment type?

Premium should be paid in lump sum.

What is the renewal option?

There is no renewal option for AYA Joy Travel Insurance policy.

What should I do if I want to change the trip plan after buying travel insurance?

You can change the travelling period or destination by giving us more than 1day notice before inception date. You should contact AYA SOMPO Customer Service – 09 777 100 555 or respective sale staffs.

What are the major exclusions under this Policy?

This Policy does not cover losses which are specifically excluded under the Policy, for example, any pre-existing illness, suicide or attempted suicide, intentional self-injury, and influence of alcohol or drug etc. Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full list of exclusions.
What kind of documents do I have to submit in case of claim?
 BenefitNecessary action / documents
BasicAccidental DeathFor your claim process, please contact our call center 09 777 100 999 or E-Claim (AYA SOMPO Insurance | Your Partner for Life)

We will request for required information and documents if needed.
Medical, Hospital & Other expenses
Personal Liability
Option 1Hospital AllowanceDoctor recommendation etc.
Option 2Flight DelayDocumentation to support the reason for the interruption of your trip etc.
Option 3Baggage DelayDelayed Baggage report from the carrier concerned etc.
Option 4Loss to Baggage and Personal EffectsReceipt or Credit Card Statement to support the value of damaged items etc.

What are some of the key terms and conditions that I should be aware of?

Duty Of Disclosure Where the Insured person has applied for this Insurance wholly for purposes unrelated to lnsured person’s trade, business or profession, Insured person had a duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation in answering the questions in the Proposal Form (or when Insured person applied for this insurance). Insured person should have answered the questions fully and accurately. Failure to have taken reasonable care in answering the questions may result in avoidance of Life lnsured person’s contract of insurance, refusal or reduction of claim(s), change of terms or termination of contract of insurance. Insured person was also required to disclose any other matter that the Insured person knew to be relevant to The Company’s decision in accepting the risks and determining the rates and terms to be applied. Insured person also have a duty to tell The Company immediately if at any time after Life insured person’s contract of insurance has been entered into, varied or renewed with The Company any of the information given in the Proposal Form (or when Life Insured applied for this insurance) is inaccurate or has changed.

Digital Services

Easy for you to access your insurance policy via our digital platform

Key benefits

Variety Plan

When choosing AYA Joy Travel Insurance, it is helpful to remember that all plans-Express Plan, Eco Plan, Individual Plan and Family Plan. Compare them to find the coverage that is the best fit for your needs and financial situation.

Hassle-free Claims

Considering a problem within a trip that may occur, AYA Joy Travel Insurance policy can come in handy to make the claim process smoother. Fast and reliable claims give you a sense of calm to focus on your recovery.

Quick Premium Payment

Choosing from a range of options, you can now make online payment quickly and effortlessly. Pay your premium digitally, or make payments by cash at our physical locations and get your policy within one week. It is comfort, safety and available 24/7 services.

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Not sure what you need?

Learn in seconds which types of insurance match you and your loved ones.