Auto Services Connect Event

We are delighted to share a recap of the successful “Auto Services Connect” event that was held on June 9th, 2023, at the AYA SOMPO Insurance Head Office. This event aimed to strengthen the connection and collaboration between AYA SOMPO and its partner workshops.  

 It served as an excellent opportunity for sharing valuable insights and fostering mutual understanding and featured five key components: included an introduction AYA SOMPO Insurance and Claims Know-who’s to provide any queries related to claims, outlining how their contributions were important in delivering exceptional insurance services to customers, sharing insights into our highly recommended workshop selection process and criteria we follow to ensure the highest quality of services, showcasing new initiatives and their benefits aimed at improving our insurance services and facilitating a user experience sharing and Q&A session included a question-and-answer segment, fostering engagement and dialogue.  

As part of our commitment to being your partner for life, we continuously strive to provide better, innovative, and faster insurance services. The “Auto Service Connect” event exemplified our dedication to achieving this goal by facilitating meaningful connections and knowledge sharing.  

We extend our gratitude to all the participants for their active engagement and collaboration during the event. Your contributions were instrumental in making it a resounding success.