Health Insurance Coverage Vs Saving Money for Medical Expenses (without an insurance)

Both are ways to prevent health care costs. But are the differences?

Saving Money for Medical Expenses (without an insurance)

It is a good idea to set aside for your health care expenses. But you may also experience stress and anxiety about unforeseen medical costs.

• Higher medical costs can affect your goals.

• Frequent poor health can cost could be more than the savings you’ve kept.

• Delays in treatment may occur due to insufficient savings.

• Not only you but your family members can suffer from the stress of the medical costs.

Health Insurance Coverage

• If you have health insurance, you will have coverage to help you in any case of an emergency.

• You will be able to get treatment with peace of mind as it will help cover some of your medical expenses.

• You can get medical treatment quickly without worrying about medical expenses.

• You can continue to work for your goals after treatment.

• You and your family can live with peace of mind.

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